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Ted Gerdes, principal of Gerdes Law, has extensive expertise in clearing and vetting a variety of media; providing sophisticated analysis of copyrights and copyright law; vetting, registering and maintaining  trademarks; assisting creators with obtaining E&O insurance; and examining and clearing of titles, personality rights, and other rights that could give rise to lawsuits.  In addition, Ted has particular experience handling the unique legal issues related to Internet media, non-fiction works, including documentaries, docudramas and various literary works, and transformational media.  He is also adept at the careful drafting and negotiation of rights acquisition, licensing, and other related agreements.

Ted has seen the devastating and sometimes tragic impact lawsuits can have on the creative process.  They can be an enormous drain of time, money, and emotion.  Ted began his career defending infringement and other claims brought against producers, writers and other creators and began to ask: Could this have been avoided?  With the creative background of a former journalist and musician, Ted began searching for a better way and found it by refocusing his practice on prevention.  He now draws on his litigation background to help clients avoid these costly, time-consuming legal predicaments before they occur.

Drawing from the depth of his legal experience and knowledge, Ted often takes an intuitive and practical approach to legal issues.  It is his "Zen and the Art of Practicing Law" philosophy that guides him to fashion legal solutions that will protect the integrity of, and help bring to fruition, a wide range of creative projects.  Over the years, Ted has found that clients value his entrepreneurial focus and practical approach to the practice of law.  He keeps things simple by listening intently to clients, answering all questions honestly, and providing results at a reasonable cost. Ted treats your problems as if they are his own.

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